2022 FFA

Golden Plains FFA Competes
by Breanna Rath

            The Golden Plains FFA has been very active so far in the school year, going to judge Dairy Cattle and land during the month of September. Members of the organization are Darrel Dible (sponsor), Senior Mason Green, Junior Will Bruggeman, and Sophomores Emma Carter, Maddix Green, Wyatt Amlong, McKinzie Horobik, and Siena Vargas. Horobik and Vargas are the only Greenhands (1st year) participating in FFA. 

On September 14, the FFA traveled to Bird City for Dairy Cattle Judging. While judging, the students are asked to look at 6 different pens of dairy cattle and put them in order from best to worst. There are four cows in each pen. The students are then asked to give reasoning on why one cow was placed higher than the other. Reasonings can vary from anything like the width of the rib cage to the way the cow walks. Emma Carter did very well, placing 18th out of 98 other FFA participants. 

The GP FFA also traveled to Goodland on September 21 for Land Judging. Students are expected to climb down into a trench that was dug into the ground. The trenches can vary from 2-5ft. While in the trench, the student is to examine the texture and moistness of the soil. Outside of the trench, the students are to study the slope of the land. If the purpose of the land is to construct buildings, the students will need to pick out the flattest area of the land. If the land is used for farming, the students will look for the area of land that has more of a slope. 

Meat Judging and Market/Livestock Judging are reportedly the favorite events that the Golden Plains FFA group attends. Meat Judging will be held February 4th in Grinnell. The purpose of meat judging is to identify different cuts of meat. Students will also look for imperfections in the meat such as bruising. Market/Livestock Judging will be held April 19th in Hays. At Market, the students will be able to judge all sorts of livestock such as steers, bulls, goats, sheep, and pigs.

FFA is a great opportunity for high school students to learn about the agriculture industry. “The education and leadership skills that I have gained by participating in FFA will be very beneficial for me in my future,” said Will Bruggeman. “I am thankful we have the opportunity at Golden Plains to be a part of the Future Farmers of America.”