Foreign Exchange Students
Golden Plains Welcomes Foreign Exchange Students
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Golden Plains On The Map
by Breanna Rath

Iu Abraao            Golden Plains welcomed two foreign exchange students to the school and community on September 6th. Iu Ribera Canudas and Abraao Dontos Corneiro Alencor joined the Junior class and have settled in nicely at Golden Plains. The two boys are living with Tammy Hazlett, just outside of Rexford.   The students at Golden Plains excitedly welcomed both Iu and Abraao and have done an excellent job at demonstrating what a school family is all about. 

            Iu Ribera is a 16 year old from Barcelona, Spain. He has one older sister, making him the youngest in his family. Iu played on a Futbol team at his hometown high school and is now the Golden Plains football team’s kicker. Going from a high school of around 800 students with classes of 30 students to a high school just under 50 students was a big change for Iu. “The school pride is very cool to see,” said Iu. “With the school being so small everyone is involved in everything and you do a lot together.” Iu decided to come to America to learn American Culture.

            Abraao Alencor is from Fortaleza, Brazil. Abraao is the oldest sibling in his family, having two younger sisters. Abraao enjoys doing jiu-jitsu and is continuing to practice in Colby while he is attending Golden Plains. Abraao is a lineman on the GP football team. The small school isn’t as much of a change for Abraao as it is for Iu. His hometown high school has an estimated population of 100 students and he had 33 peers in his classes. “Something that really sticks out to me is the difference between studying in school,” said Abraao. “I wanted to come to America to learn the language and culture.” 

            Though both boys came to learn about America, they have also shown Golden Plains new things about their cultures as well. The football team listens to Abraao’s favorite song to hype themselves up before game time. Iu is interested in learning the country line dances, and in return taught several students his type of dancing at the Homecoming Dance. Golden Plains is blessed with two great new students, and wishes them well throughout their time in America.