Back to School Letter / Re-Opening Plan
Back to School Family Letter / Reopening Plan
This is the image for the news article titled Back to School Family Letter / Reopening PlanGolden Plains School Board, Administration, and Staff have developed and approved a re-opening plan outlining procedures that will be taken to ensure the safety of all GP students and staff for the 2020-2021 school year.  Remember that this is a plan and could be modified depending on district, state, and county mandates and recommendations.  It is Golden Plains' top priority to provide the best quality education possible while maintaining the health and safety of all our students, staff, district families, and patrons. 

Re-Opening Plan 07/22/20

Back to School Family Letter

July 29, 2020


As we get closer to the scheduled start of the 20-21 school year I just wanted to take this opportunity to bring everyone up to date as much as possible with what we are looking at to open school on August 19th.

We developed a reopening plan a couple of weeks ago that was derived with input from all levels throughout the school and approved by the board of education.  This plan was posted online last week. (see above)

I would like to point out a couple of key points that are important to the process of reopening school.  We want every student and staff member to feel safe in their return to school.  Last week I sent out a survey giving all parents the opportunity to express their desire to either return to the classroom or have their student receive online learning for the start of the year.  The results were overwhelmingly in favor of physically returning to the buildings.  The few requests for online options will be honored, and their teachers will establish a specific plan for online learning to occur by contacting each student.  We are asking that any student requesting online learning follow three main requirements.  First they will have to commit to at least a full semester of online learning. Second they establish a schedule with their teachers and stick to it, and third they understand that full accountability will be expected in work completion and grading.  Also anyone choosing at home school at the middle/high school level will not be eligible for any extracurricular activities including sports. 

For those returning to the buildings we will require masks to be worn if they are riding a bus to school. This is the one place where we cannot socially distance and we expect that time on the bus to be minimal. We are anxiously awaiting further guidance from the state and local officials on whether we will be required to wear masks in the buildings throughout the day.  We have ordered reusable masks for every staff and student to have two masks that are washable.  If at anytime there is a requirement for a mask to be worn they will be provided.  You may use one of your own if you choose.  However we have purchased these masks for your students benefit.

Keep in mind that we will be checking temperatures before the students get on the bus and before they enter the buildings.  Any temperature that is at or above 100.4 degrees will be excluded from school until they can show to be fever free without the aid of medication.  This is a health department guideline and must be followed strictly.  Therefore do not leave the bus stop or the school building drop off until it is clear that your student is able to attend.  If your student becomes ill during the school day we will isolate them and contact you for immediate pickup. 

Registration is still happening in Rexford and Selden as scheduled next Thursday and Friday, August 6th and 7th.  We will have tables set up in the gyms of both buildings where we will be able to socially distance in order to handle any paperwork necessary with enrollment.  If you have indicated that your student will do distance learning you will still have to register your student.  If necessary you may call and/or mail in the necessary forms.  Please contact the appropriate school office if you wish to not attend registration, but still need to register.  If you do chose to come in to register your student and have not previously indicated that you are wanting distance learning then please make us aware of your intentions at that time.  We need all the lead-time possible to make sure we can get your students education plans set up to begin on the 19th

We hope everyone is ready to get back into the routine of school as much as possible.  The way we had to end last year was a challenge and for the most part everyone showed great grit and determination to continue their education though our distance learning.  We look forward to getting back in and seeing everyone in August.  Thanks for all your understanding and patience. 

Charles Keller

K-12 Principal/Superintendent