Videos 2018-2019

2018-2019 Videos

Unity Dance 08/31/18
Footloose Dance 09/07/18
Domestic Violence PSA
Homecoming 2018
Fall Makeup Look by Yami
Safe School Video
Dating Dos and Don'ts by Danica & Britton
Anti-Bullying by Tanner Trussel
MS/HS Christmas Concert
Elementary Christmas Concert
Christmas Dance 12/14/18
Cheer Dance 12/18/18
Dance Camp 1/19/19
Cheer Dance 1/25/19
Regional Cheer Dance 2/22/19
Regional Dance 2/24/19
Elementary Basketball 040519
NHS Inductions 040819
Senior Trip 2019
Freshman Year by Britton
Sophomore Year by Danica
Junior Year by Karri & Joseph
Forensics-Part 1
Forensics-Part 2
Elementary Spring Concert 5/6/19
MS/HS Spring Concert 5/7/19
Kindergarten Graduation 5/8/19
Kindergarten Highlights
MS Awards 5/12/19
Eighth Grade Highlights
Middle School Highlights
Senior Graduation Video
Senior Year Highlights

  Freshman iMovies  
 Cheerleading Highlights
by Amie Cheney
HS Girls Basketball
by Kassie Miller 
Freshman Highlights
by Carli Nieman
 School Building Tour
by Britton Knowles
Slim Fast Commercial
by Lauren Patmon 
Dirt Track Racing
by BJ Rogers 
 How to Make Gorditas
by Alex Gonzalez
 Schiltz Harvesting
by Ashton Schiltz
by Roberto Loya
 Bicycle Safety
by Brandon Luna
 2018 Volleyball
by Morgan Wark
Party Foods
by Rayna Taylor
 John Deere Tractors
by Garrett Carter
 Whipped Cream Pie
by Ethan Shea
 Major League Baseball Teams
by Fabian Cepeda
National Basketball Association Teams
by Joshua Yanez 
 Used Car Sales
by Jovanny Infante
 National Football League Teams
by Ethan Weiner
by Mack Keller
Forensics 2019
by Alisha Brantley
Red Enchiladas
by Marilena Cruz
  How to Disappoint Your Parents
by Wyatt McDonald