Faculty Roster
Directory of Personnel

Golden Plains Unified School District No. 316


 Employee Assignment Contact
Mrs. Mary Ellen Welshhon Superintendent E-Mail 
Mrs. Ashley Arnberger  K-12 Principal E-Mail
Smith, Travis Administrative Asst., HS Social Studies, AD, Coach Web Page / E-Mail
Hickert, Betty Clerk of Board, Supt. Secretary E-Mail
Bruggeman, Traci Elem Secretary  E-Mail
Spresser, Annette MS/HS Secretary E-Mail 
Patmon, Amy Kindergarten E-Mail
Spresser, Brandy 1st Grade E-Mail
Miller, Lori 2nd Grade E-Mail
Truetken, Lori 3rd Grade  E-Mail
Gaede, Megan 4th Grade E-Mail
Ziegelmeier, Julie 5th Grade Web Page / E-Mail
Lawhorn, Rebecca Middle School  
Aumiller, Russ  Middle School / Coach  Web Page / E-Mail
 Spresser, Jennifer Middle School / Coach  E-Mail 
Fleckenstein, Mindy HS Science / MS Coach Web Page / E-Mail
Scott, Steiner MS/HS Math E-Mail
Wessel, Robynn High School Language Arts Web Page / E-Mail
Rogers, Judy Business/Computer/ Technology/Yearbook/District Technology Coordinator  Web Page / E-Mail
Dible, Darrel HS Industrial Arts Web Page / E-Mail
Cameron, Bonnie K-5 Music E-Mail
Karnes, Michael
6-12 Music/5th Band E-Mail 
Wiens, Madison MS/HS Art  
Tuttle, Justine Title I/ESL
Fellhoelter, Laura K-12 Health/PE Web Page / E-Mail
Koerperich, Elaine Preschool E-Mail
Weiner, Ed  K-12 Counselor/PowerSchool E-mail
Brantley, Sara K-5 Head Cook E-Mail
Perry, Lori K-5 Cook
Juenemann, Delores MS/HS Cook   E-Mail
 Miller, Tammy MS/HS Cook  
 Spresser, Linda MS/HS Cook  
Sulzman, Loran K-5 Custodian E-mail 
Luna, Bill
Luna, Mary Custodian  E-Mail
Shaw, Rick Bus Driver  
 Christensen, Parker Bus Driver  / Transportation Director / Coach E-Mail 
Miller, Ashley Elem Resource Room E-Mail
Rath, Terra ED Consultant

School Psychologist
Berland, Thelma Speech Pathologist
 Todd, Brandy MS/HS Resource Room E-Mail
 Moss, Kim MS/HS Para E-Mail 
Hollibaugh, Tammy Elem Para   
 Wark, Desiree MS/HS Para  
  Barnett, Christie MS/HS Para  
 Schaben, Jaci Elem Para   E-Mail
Schiltz, Nicole Deputy Clerk, Elem Para E-Mail
Stroup, Marla  Elem Para
McCurdy, Serena  Elem Para  
 Vahling, Kandi Elem Para  

Supplemental Assignments

Head HS Football Coach Travis Smith
Activities/Athletic Director (MS/HS) Travis Smith
Asst. HS Football Coach Russ Aumiller
Head HS Volleyball Coach Ashley Arnberger
Asst. HS Volleyball Coach Laura Fellhoelter
Head HS Boys Basketball Coach Laura Fellhoelter
Asst. HS Boys Basketball Coach Steiner Scott
Head HS Girls Basketball Coach Parker Christensen
Asst. HS Girls Basketball Coach
Head HS Track Coach Travis Smith
Asst. HS Track Coach Laura Fellhoelter
HS Cross Country Coach Mindy Fleckenstein
HS Cheer Sponsor Desiree Wark
Head MS Football Coach Russ Aumiller
Asst. MS Football Coach Travis Smith
Head MS Volleyball Coach Laura Fellhoelter
Asst. MS Volleyball Coach Ashley Arnberger
Head MS Boys Basketball Coach Ed Weiner
Asst. MS Boys Basketball Coach Steiner Scott
Head MS Girls Basketball Coach Travis Smith
Asst. MS Girls Basketball Coach Parker Christensen
Head MS Track Coach Russ Aumiller
Asst MS Track Coach Jennifer Spresser
MS Cheerleading & MS Sponsor Desiree Wark
MS Scholars' Bowl Jennifer Spresser
District Technology Coordinator Judy Rogers
Student Advisor Judy Rogers
HS Forensics Coach/Sponsor Robynn Wessel
HS Play Robynn Wessel
National Honor Society Sponsor Steiner Scott
Student Council Sponsor Mindy Fleckenstein
HS Scholars' Bowl Steiner Scott
 FFA Darrel Dible
Yearbook Judy Rogers
Freshman Class Sponsor Traci Bruggeman & Sara Brantley
Sophomore Class Sponsor Tia Carter
Junior Class-Carnival, Prom, Concessions, Class Sponsor Traci Nieman
Senior Class Sponsor Laura Fellhoelter
Dance Team  Amy Patmon