Student of the Week 2013-2014

Golden Plains High School selects a high school student as Student of the Week each week.  One student is then selected as Student of the Quarter for each nine weeks and one student is selected as Student of the Semester for the Fall and Spring Semesters.  Students are selected based on three characteristics representative of GPHS students including Live Responsibly, Uphold Integrity, and Earn & Give Respect.  Students selected have demonstrated these characteristics during the week by going above and beyond what is expected of them and all students.

Ana Bermudez
Student of the Semester-Spring

Gabrielle Schiltz
Student of the Quarter-4th Qtr

Quarter 4 Photos
Cole Ziegelmeier-Sophomore
Brianna Stoll-Sophomore
Arianna Camacho-Freshman
Gabrielle Schiltz-Freshman
MiKayla Lobato-Senior

Jordan Christensen
Student of the Quarter-3rd Qtr
Quarter 3 Photos

Jordan Christensen-Senior
Nick Brown-Freshman
Kynndra Rush-Sophomore
Kami Miller-Sophomore
Shania Finlay-Junior
Dawson Spresser-Freshman
Paulita Ramirez-Senior

Hailee Spresser
Student of the Semester-Fall

Ana Bermudez
Student of the Quarter-2nd Qtr

Quarter 2 Photos
Hailee Spresser-Senior
Maddy Walz-Sophomore
Kellee Snyder-Freshman
Paulita Ramirez-Senior
Brittany Fringer-Freshman
Kylie Jones-Senior
Caitlin Spresser-Senior
Ana Bermudez-Junior

Josh Barnhart
Student of the Quarter-1st Qtr

Quarter 1 Photos
Bryce Butts-Sophomore
Josh Barnhart-Senior
Grant Spresser-Senior
Arianna Camacho-Freshman
Morgan Ritter-Freshman
Benny Martinez-Junior

Student of the Week Photo Gallery